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Mission, goals, charter of the NGO


The mission of the organization:

The mission of the organization is to protect and develop human rights and freedoms, freedom of expression of will and opinion, free and independent press and other media, basic principles of democracy, social, economic and cultural interests of citizens, implementation of educational, cultural and enlightening activities, to promote democratic civil society in Ukraine.

The organization goals:

  • to promote the development of independent and economically self-reliant media in Ukraine;
  • to provide access to public information in order to ensure transparency and openness of state and local authorities;
  • to promote objective coverage of socially significant topics and issues in the media;
  • to collect, analyze, and disseminate information on violations of legislation in the field of media rights and freedoms, freedom of speech, rights and freedoms of citizens;
  • to render assistance in increasing media literacy of the citizens of Ukraine, support and development of regional mass media, opening any mass media, including online media, to spread public opinion.


Representatives of mass media of any format and form of ownership, students of higher educational institutions of the faculties of journalism and social communications, public activists and representatives of public associations, whose mission coincides with the mission and goals of the organization.

Areas of activity:

  • organization and holding of various educational, training, enlightening, and consulting events, creation of information, programs and events on media literacy, raising the professional level of media representatives;
  • acquaintance of media representatives with modern international experience and new media trends through the organization of educational, training, enlightenment and consulting activities, creation of information services, programs and events, as well as internships abroad;
  • development and distribution of modern methodological and educational literature, online courses, services on modern innovations in the field of mass media, provision of access to objective verified information;
  • training, mentoring and involvement of representatives of regional media and public activists.


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