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FAKE | Droppers with alcohol against COVID-19 – a “new method” of treatment

The fakes that alcohol can cure Covid-19 were at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it would seem that now that we have been living in a pandemic for almost a year, no one should believe such misinformation. But it turns out not. UNIAN news agency and Lviv media Varta 1 wrote about doctor Anatoliy Nevzgoda, who patented a method of “treatment” of coronavirus. Namely – droppers with alcohol for the treatment of Covid-19.

“The complex of treatment that I offer consists of an antiviral drug, an antibiotic (if the analysis shows that it is necessary). The antibiotic kills bacteria, and pneumonia does not spread, which means that subsequently there is no respiratory and heart failure and the blood is normally saturated with oxygen. The treatment regimen, if necessary, includes hormonal drugs. And a completely new thing that I added is intravenous alcohol,” he said. Why such an event can never be a reason for news? And why it smells here… not alcohol, but fake – we’ll explain!


First of all, in Ukraine a person can patent almost any type of treatment and no one checks it for effectiveness or safety. Here is how Lyudmyla Solop, a medical lawyer, explains it:

“Yes, indeed Ukraine patents methods of treatment, but there are many” buts.” In particular, it is not possible to patent what is a generally accepted practice, either in Ukraine, or in another country, or in the world. At the same time, when issuing a patent, the medical aspect is not investigated, and the method itself is superficially checked for the presence of a similar patent in Ukraine. World experience is not studied.

The competent authority is not authorized to investigate the method of treatment itself, but only whether there are coincidences with other patents. That’s it!”

In other words, any delusion may be patented in the post-Soviet space, but this in no way means that this delusion should be treated and news about it should be written.

“Therefore, we need to be careful with patents. And do not believe what is written and what is written is confirmed by science. Patenting is something different, not about science, but about authorship, even if the authorship is delusional,” explains the lawyer.

What’s in the cocktail?

Another interesting issue is that information about alcohol droppers for the treatment of Covid-19 appeared relatively long ago. Anatoly Nevzgoda gave an interview on this topic in November 2020. About 2 months ago, the doctor gave a press conference on this topic, where he focused on antibiotic therapy in his “alcohol cocktail”. The cocktail also includes:

  • bactericidal antibiotic (which does not work, according to his own claims)
  • immunostimulant-fuflomycin Neovir: (Immunostimulants. ATX code L03A X, echinacea and several other similar drugs have this code)
  • antibacterial drugs, although the author claims that the coronavirus causes a viral, not bacterial pneumonia
  • drug to lower cholesterol

According to some studies, coronavirus infection may be associated with bacterial infection, which is treated with antibiotics, but bacterial infection in patients with coronavirus disease was observed in only about 6.9% of cases.

What are the risks for people who get alcohol intravenously? Let’s start with the fact that in no protocols or in any recommendations of international and authoritative national organizations, you will find advice on the use of alcohol in any form in order to combat the coronavirus.

As pulmonologist Oksana Moloda explains, even inhalation of alcohol vapors can burn the mucous membranes, whereas its intravenous administration will burn the vascular network, which can even cause brain edema.

Alcohol will not help get rid of the virus. Alcohol can destroy its lipid shell only outside the human or animal body. A virus is a piece of DNA and / or RNA that is “embedded” in a human cell. Therefore, its lipid layer can be “dissolved” only together with the host cell. Which, as you know, is extremely dangerous for humans,” explains the pulmonologist.

And where is the patent?

Attention: the patent is now suspended! (The confirming document is presented here.)


  • The fact that a method of treatment has been patented does not mean that this method is safe and effective. A patent is not about medicine, but about copyright.
  • No reputable health care organization recommends alcohol as a treatment or prevention of coronavirus disease.
  • Alcohol in a dropper is a huge risk for a person, with the virus not being driven out of the cells.
  • Information about this pseudo-scientific and dangerous method of treatment has long been spreading on the Internet and the question arises why it again appears in the information space, including such supposedly authoritative agencies as UNIAN.
  • There is no treatment protocol that would allow such experiments.


Author: Natalia Bushkovska

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